TacoCat Company

A short introduction to the TacoCat Company and the TacoCat Token [TCT]
The TacoCat Company was founded on June 6th, 2021 by a group of over 30 people. Many of these individuals are listed as Leading Members on the Tacocat.co website. Tacocat aims to create a world-leading ecosystem composed of many individual projects such as WILDCARD: The Play to Earn Game. The backbone of this system is the deflationary currency TCT, which is based on the Binance Smart Chain.
Using a BSC Smart Contract that was custom-built from the ground up by the The TacoCat Co, and audited by TechRate and Tech Audit.
As the development of the TacoCat ecosystem progresses and gains functionality, the utility of TCT increases. With an increase in TCT utility, investor faith and TCT value increases as well, resulting in an increase of volume. These increases in volume and TCT value, grow the marketing and development budget derived from the transaction fee, thus funding further development of the ecosystem and helps to secure larger and more exclusive brand deals - leading to the release of new consumer products, NFT's, games, and content to be exclusively accessed using TCT.
With our new WILDCARD: Play to Earn NFT based blockchain game, profits from the game will be reinvested into TacoCat [TCT] to keep a steady growth between TacoCat Token and all its projects.
When holders conduct transactions within the ecosystem, they are provided further rewards and additional exclusive access to the products and content that are the fruits of these business partnerships and brand deals.
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