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April 21st 2021

Foundation of Tacocat V1. Contract renounced. Founders non doxxed.

May 28th 2021

PancakeSwap stopped supporting V1 contracts and started V2. Because the Tacocat V1 contract was renounced, it could not simply be converted. The founders were unable to find a fast solution and left the project!

June 6th 2021

The largest investors in the Tacocat V1 project founded The TacoCat Company on June 6th, 2021. With their specifically created V2 contract, it was again possible to trade on PancakeSwap and to be listed on trading platforms. It was decided to keep the name and similarities of the logo. The holders of the V1 contract received the V2 contract on a voluntary basis!

August 5th 2021

Since the V2 contract was drawn up in a very short amount of time, it did not meet the standards of some trading platforms. In addition, the holders demanded certain functions such as coinburns. Then, the so-called V3 contract was written. It not only includes coinburns but also the TacoShell, a buyback system that mitigates sales. The audit of this contract was flawless and met all the requirements that were requested by any trading platform!

October 24th 2021

From contract V2 to contract V3 not all former holders of contract V1 received the airdrop! All holders who owned UNDER 1 million tokens had to contact the employees of The TacoCat Company and apply for the airdrop manually. Some wallets have been identified as bot wallets! These were not airdropped either. In addition, a certain number of wallets were marked as questionable. The owners of these wallets had until October 24th, 2021 to claim their airdrop, that means that everyone who did not receive an airdrop had 80 days to report!
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