The Golden 9/9/9
TCT provides for a custom and dynamic transaction fee which offers developers flexibility for future upgrades and holders enhanced security among use-cases.
Because the transaction fee is dynamic, It is adjusted over time, and therefore the most updated transaction fee will always be displayed on our site. (www.tacocat.co)
Dynamic Taxation System. At TCT we have a dynamic taxation system that can adapt to market and our project as the time goes on.
Our current taxes are distributed as 9% on Buys and 9% on Sells.

The Breakdown of each 9% buy/sell

44% Of the transaction fees go into liquidity, this is used to provide and promote stability in the token value.
44.4% Of the transaction fees go into TacoShell, the flagship feature of the TacoCat Token Smart Contract. This is our BuyBack feature that helps us reinvest into TCT or swap for marketing funds. This pays out reflection in BNB.
11.6% Of transaction fee go into reflections.

Auto Staking

With the above distribution, the auto-staking mechanism proportionally redistributes the 11.6% transaction fee to all wallets.
This would mean, the more tokens you hold, the bigger the reward.
Jasper has 10B TCT, which would count for 1% of the total 1000B supply. Now Jasper send all his 10B Tokens over to Danny, The transaction incurs a 9% fee, which means, in reality Danny only receives 9,1B Tokens. Danny now has 0.91% of the total supply, and would receive some of his owns fees back during auto-staking.
The total fee paid was 900m Tokens, This means 11.6% (104.4M) of the total fee will be paid back to all holders of TCT tokens proportionally to their wallet size.
And since Danny now owns 0.91% of total supply, he will receive a 950.000 extra tokens simply for having TCT in his wallet.
Danny and all other TCT holders will continue to receive fees from auto-staking for every transactions that occurs.